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     They were both in their late teens. Ronnie had been horny most of the day ever since he woke up.   When Hilliary climbed into his car, she didn't help that situation much. She smiled and she gave him a big, deep kiss. She was wearing tight shorts that showed her little round ass perfectly. The tight t-shirt showed off her perky nips and perky round tits. She sat next to him with her hand on his thigh. They were making small talk and just having a great time. He glanced at the clock on the dashboard and knew he didn't have long. He was just running her to Walmart which was just a few miles away.  Her mom wanted her to pick up some things for her little brothers school project.  Low on time, he saw a deserted dirt road coming up on the right. He knew that this was his chance to get some quick sexual relief.

     Hillary asked "Where are we going?" As he made the quick turn onto the dirt road. He only gave her a sly grin. The grin made her tingle and want what she knew was coming. They travelled down the dirt road for about 3 miles. They parked under an oak tree and turned the car off. He gave her a daring smile and she responded back with a daring smile of her own. They both got out and climbed into the back seat. They began kissing gently and it turned into kisses of hunger and extreme horniness. Her lips tasted like the cinnamon lip gloss that she was wearing. Before they knew it their clothes were coming off. He was rock hard and she was dripping wet.

     Hillary had wanted to try to have him in her ass. She had been working on it the past month with a butt plug. As of last week, she could handle the butt plug with no problem at all. It felt great. When she would masturbate the butt plug made her orgasms so much stronger. She knew he would be happy and proud.

     He spread her legs and aimed his cock towards her tight teen cunt. It looked so delicous and inviting. He rubbed his cock tip on her slit and she told him "No". He lifted up and looked at her in desperation. "Don't put it there...I want it here", as she grabbed his cock and put it to the opening of her tight pink asshole.

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     "We dont have any lube or anything." He said while staring at her hungrily. "I have some in my bag". He grabbed her bag and she pulled out the little clear bottle of lube. She turned for him giving him perfect access to her ass. He squirted some lube out and rubbed it all over his cock and more on asshole. It felt so good to her. She was totally relaxed as he started working his index finger into her asshole. She was so horny and excited.

     He asked if she was ready. He was worried that it would hurt her as it did the months prior when he would try and go for her asshole. She moaned, "Yes I am ready and I want you!" She pushed her pretty ass back onto him wanting more of his long cock.  He got onto his knees and knelt behind her ass as she pushed it up in the air. He took his dick in his hand and slithered the lube on his cockhead. He put the tip right to the opening of her rectum and began rubbing his now purple head on her tight butt hole. She moaned and told him to give her more. He pushed the head into her and it popped in. He was still concerned that he might hurt her but he took her que as she pushed back to him causing more of his cock to enter her ass. He slowly went in and out, in and out until her asshole had taken the entire length of his dick. She pushed back onto him making sure that every inch of him was buried deep in her ass.

     Her gorgeous teen body was quivering. Her clit was throbbing. Her pussy was dripping. She could feel him going faster and harder. Her moans turned into a scream as she continued to push back on to his cock forcing him deeper in her asshole. She could feel the tip of his cock deep inside her bowels. Fucking her anally was so smooth and perfect. It felt as tight as her young cunt did the year before when he took her virginity. Her screams made him fuck deeper and faster. He felt the cum starting to churn in his balls. She gripped the seat tighter as her fingers turned white from her grip. He reached under and placed his finger on her clit and began rubbing it. She began to moan from the pleasure. It was almost overwhelming. She felt him tense and knew he was going to cum. That sent her over the edge. When she felt his hot cum as it shot deep into her ass, she began to have her orgasm. She came so hard she squirted for the very first time. It was the best orgasm she has ever had in her young life. He slowly pulled out and stared at his / their accomplishment. The anal creampie was so beautiful. Out of breath, they both fell back into the seat. She looked at him and smiled telling him, "I will love you forever".

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